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anendlesscry @ 03:04 pm: Another email from Jonny...
In case you guys dont get mail from Grynch//Jonny, here is an email he sent a while back and I've just been forgetting to post it...

Greetings!!! Grynch has a new drummer!!! You might know him from the band Paranos? He is still drumming with them but has also dedicated himself to Grynch. The rest of the crew remains the same. We are working on getting him up to date on the old songs, but more than that, we are working on a bunch of new songs! Currently we are booking shows at some of the local music places. Our first show back will be March 4 at the Black Forrest. This is a 21 plus spot, however, we are looking forward to the intimate climate it will create for the first showing of our new music. I hope to see you there!!! As usual. I love to hear ideas from any of you. Thanks for your support!

Jonny (Grynch)
Grynchmobb Productions


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