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anendlesscry @ 03:24 pm: news for the kiddos that dont get emailed from jonny!
Hey everyone! Grynch is returning to the music scene in Eugene with a show at the Black Forest Friday March 4!!! We have just finished all of our studio work and will have an album with a tentative 14 songs available in early April! It is going to be great!
OK about the show. We are playing with the always awesome guys from Chico, CA *RED WITH ENVY*!!! Not to mention the kick ass band *Forrestal's Fall*. Show starts at 9:30 so please come down and support it if you can! To anyone under the age of 21 (and people who love the wow halls atmosphere), we are working on getting a show there in the near future. Some kind of problem keeps coming up with dates. I hope we can get in soon!!! I hope all of you are doing great!
I can't wait to show you guys the music we have created this time...It is just...........I can't describe it in words. I hope to see you soon...Yours...

Jonny (Grynch)
Grynchmobb Productions

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