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anendlesscry @ 01:37 pm: Some exciting news!!!!
Well kids, if you aren't signed up for the Grynch mailing list then its time for an update from Jonny. VERY good news!-


I have some news that I have been waiting years to tell you...Grynch and Floater at the McDonald Theater May 13, 2005! That's right, the Northwest Legends and yours truly...Damn, what a score! We are making up posters already...
We will also have a whole new line of clothing (actually we already have it...there are new shirts for guys, girls, trucker hats, and a bunch of other stuff...) as well as a new 14 track album. The album (recorded at Central Node Studios) has a bunch of new music that we have recently written and are very proud of. Damn things are starting to work in a positive direction and we hope you are down with it! Thanks for all the support you have offered so far and for all the support in the future.
And for those of you over 21, Grynch is playing at the Wetlands this Saturday March 26. Come down if you can, it will be a party...
---The floater show, you can get more information at our website (www.grynchmobb.com) and at the McDonald Theater website (http://www.mcdonaldtheatre.com/)...
We have a bunch of updates on the website right now for some bar shows and all ages shows...If you get a moment, please check out the site for a show near you....
Thanks again for everything...Yours...

Jonny (Grynch)
Grynchmobb Productions

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